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Riaan Cornelius Posts

The Fabled Software Development Plan

iterative developmentLike I mentioned in my previous post, there are no generic software development plan templates. In the same way, there isn’t really some simple software development plan that you can just take and run with. Each company has different needs and each development team does things differently. In the long run, patterns will develop and development methodologies will tend towards the same established methodologies, but they are always subtly different.

Orcas – Ruthless Killer Whales or just misunderstood?

I’ve been fascinated with Orcas since I saw the movie Orca in the 90’s, and over the years, that fascination has not subsided.

A while ago there was a story about a New Zealander that was surfing with Orcas in the water around him, and I did some research about Orcas at that stage (There was a lot of comments about how stupid he was to stay in the water).

Now with the incident where Dawn Brancheau were killed, Orcas are in the news again.