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Home brew suppliers

Since more and more suppliers are popping up, I figured I’ll start keeping a list for myself.

People I’ve interacted with

  • Black kilt brewing supplies – Fairly small range and a pretty bad website, but these guys were awesome. I bought my first starter kit from them and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Beerguevara – Awesome service, great range and easy online shopping on their site. There has been problems (An order was delivered without some items), but they always fix any issues promptly.
  • National food products – Good range and prices. No online shopping. Has been highly recommended by other people. Everything I wanted was in stock and  even though they only have a pdf with prices on the website, it was accurate. Will definitely use them again.
  • Brewmart – Big range of equipment at good prices. If you’re looking for something less common, they are a good option. Lots of useful stuff if you want to build your own equipment. I’ve ordered from them once and the order was delivered quickly and everything was in good order.
  • Beerbros – Some interesting options if you are building your own equipment or if you want some high quality imports. Shipping might be a bit prohibitive if you aren’t in Durban. They somehow missed my order after I placed them, but when I emailed them about it they responded within minutes and shipped my order quickly. Everything was correct and high quality.
  • The Beer Keg – Good prices on some things and Vincent seems knowledgeable. Service is pretty bad though. I’ve never had a response to an email and it usually takes days for a response on Skype. I’ve also had items randomly replaced with something else in an order, and you can’t trust the stock levels on the site.  I was also never contacted about my last order after being promised that I will be contacted when everything was ready. This seems to be the case for a lot of people over a long period, so I will not be supporting them again.

People I have not tried (yet)

  • Beerlab – Not the best prices, but good range and online shop. I will definitely try these guys at some point.
  • Brew for Africa – They have some interesting equipment at great prices.
  • Brew Engineers – Not a big range on their site, but they might be a good option to ask about custom stuff.
  • Keg Solutions – Everything keg related you could want.
  • BrewCraft – Mostly starter kits and ingredients. Lots of imported stuff.
  • The bootlegger – Decent prices and range.
  • Beer Hardware – Small very specialised range. Usefull contact if you want to build your own stuff.
  • The beer pantry – Big range of stuff.

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