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2017 Goals

For 2017, my goals will probably be similar to 2016.

For 2016, I didn’t do quite as much traveling as I would have liked, but I did lose 15kg’s of weight and did manage to spend time with my son almost every day. I also managed not to work any overtime for the year. I completely failed at fitness and experiences though.

Once again, my goals are roughly broken up into work related stuff, personal stuff, experiences I’d like to have and things I’d like to do.


I’d like to spend more time doing meaningful things with my family.

  • Go out and do something with my wife at least once a month. Starting to add things to the calendar.
  • Spend time with my son every day: Spend at least 30 minutes every day doing something of his choosing.
  • Do something with my wife and son at least one weekend a month: Anything from going to the garden centre on a Sunday to weekends away.

Work / Career:

From a work and financial perspective, I’m pretty happy with where I am. Some good decisions, cutting expenses, negotiating a bigger raise and some circumstances outside my control has conspired to make us pretty financially comfortable.

Some goals I am actively working towards:

  • Become better known in the Android community: Present at 2-3 conferences this year (First one has been confirmed already).
  • Setting up a better workspace: I’ve started building my own keyboard, which I’m hoping will make me more comfortable.
  • Contribute to an open source project: I’m looking a a bug to fix for the WordPress mobile app. Will go from there.
  • Start figuring out a way to work remotely: Figure out a way to start towards working remotely at least a few days a week.


  • At least 1 international trip this year. We’re planning to go to Australia in April.
  • At least one trip per quarter. The first one will be to the Clarens beer fest at the end of Feb again 🙂

Self improvement:

The two main items I want to focus on is fitness and health.

  • Lose weight: I lost 15 kg in the second half of last year. I’ve been focusing on eating better, and have pretty much stopped eating refined carbs.
  • Exercise more: The first step is to go cycling once a week. No matter where, how long, how fast – To start with, I just need to leave my yard on my bike once a week.
  • Flexibility and strength: I started doing some gymnastic strength training. I need to make sure I do some training every day.
  • Make time for mindfulness and reflection: I’ve started a 5-minute journal. Next step is to start meditating


Experiences I want to still have. Some of these will be alone, some with my family and some with friends. I’m aiming for at least the first four this year.

  • Knife making / Blacksmithing. My wife bought me a voucher! I’m doing this in March
  • Beer brewing. Paid and booked all grain brewing course for next weekend
  • Learn to make Sushi.
  • Archery: Do an intro class and then probably sign up for monthly membership.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Glass blowing: Start with 4-hour taster and take it from there
  • Survival courses: Boswa offers everything from half day intro’s to weekend long extreme survival experiences
  • Scuba diving: Go on at least 1 dive this year – Hopefully in Australia.

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