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Android Studio tips – Mouseless development

I heard somebody making the comment that you can tell an expert by the mastery of their tools. Since I’m a developer (and a pretty good one), I figured it’s time to put in some more effort to master my tools (IDE, VCS, etc).

To this end, I’ve been stalking Hadi Hariri ( for the last few weeks and a couple of things he published has really resonated with me.

My Android Studio setupThe first was an article called No tabs in IntelliJ IDEA, which covers what you would expect – How to use IntelliJ IDEA without tabs. I wrote about my setup based on this here: My Android Studio setup.

This set me on a quest to use my mouse less, which eventually led me to Hadi’s Mouseless Driven Development talk, which is beyond awesome.

These 2 pieces of content has made me both more productive and happier (With my RSI, using a mouse is literally painful).

If you want to be a better developer, ditch the mouse.

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