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My Android studio setup

I figured I’d start documenting some of my setup so that I can keep track of it. Most of this works for IntelliJ as well.

I like dark themes, so I use a modified version of the Darcula theme.

Turn off everything possible

One of the most surprising deviations seems to be the fact that I turn off tabs. They take up screen real-estate and make you either use a mouse or scroll through multiple tabs using keyboard shortcuts to find the one you are interested in.

There’s a great article about it here: No Tabs in IntelliJ IDEA

Editor -> General -> Editor Tabs

Placement: None

I also hide ‘Tool Buttons’ and the ‘Navigation Bar’ in the ‘View’ menu. UPDATE: I now turn off the “Toolbar” as well. I was only using the run button and I can use a keyboard shortcut for that 🙂

This is what you end up with:


The great thing with this set up is that it forces you to use keyboard shortcuts. You can easily get away with CTRL+B to select recent files, CTRL+SHIFT+B for recently edited files and double tapping SHIFT to search for anything.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but this is much faster than trying to find the correct tab in the open ones.

I also hide the Project view (and in fact all tool windows) when I’m not using it (ALT + 1 to turn it on or off quickly) and I’ve set it up to Autoscroll to/from Source so that when I open it the file I was in is selected and if I select a new file, it displays in the editor window:

Android Studio Project View

Change fonts and colors

I find this makes the code more readable.

Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Font

Primary font: Consolas
Size: 14
Line spacing: 1.1

Font settings

Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Android Logcat:

  • Assert: #9876AA
  • Debug: #6897BB
  • Error: #FF6B68
  • Info: #6A8759
  • Verbose: #BBBBBB
  • Warning: #BBB529

Android Logcat colors

Set up code styles

I’ve saved a version of my code styles in a github repo with an install script:

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