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How to know when you need a new job

This is always an interesting time of year… This year, more than anything else, I’m noticing how many people are wishing their lives away.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been looking at facebook more this year than I normally do, but the overwhelming theme for me has been the “Only 1 more week ” or “Only 3 days to go”, etc, messages that I keep seeing.

That seems a bit strange to me.

Seth Godin sums it up perfectly in his (absolutely brilliant) book “Tribes”. He says that “How was your day?” is the most important question you can be asked. If the answer isn’t “Great!” for most of the times you get asked this, you need to start looking at what’s going wrong.

Usually, what’s going wrong is that your job sucks (Or at the very least, you don’t enjoy it).

So, How was your day?

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